Suggested Trips

All boats start and finish from Shepley Bridge Marina.

The distance and number of locks shown are the total for a round trip.

The trip destinations are dictated by the few places on the local waterways where the boats can be turned around.  The trip times shown are typical and are based on experience but can increase due to the volume of traffic through the locks.

The durations shown do not include any stops for meals, the time for which should be added on.

Cooper Bridge River Pontoon

Distance: 5 miles
Locks: 2
Duration: 2½ hours


Cooper Bridge Bus Stop

Distance: 5½ miles
Locks: 4
Duration: 3 hours


Kirklees Lower Lock

Distance: 6½ miles
Locks: 4
Duration: 3½ hours


Anchor Pit

Distance: 8½ miles
Locks: 8
Duration: 4¾ hours


Brighouse Marina

Distance: 10¼ miles
Locks: 12
Duration: 6¼ hours


Thornhill Double Locks (Dewsbury Double)

Distance: 5 miles
Locks: 8
Duration: 3½ hours


Dewsbury Basin

Distance: 6½  miles
Locks: 8
Duration: 4 hours


Figure of Three

Distance: 7 miles
Locks: 10
Duration: 4½ hours


Broad Cut (Navigation Pub)

Distance: 12½ miles
Locks: 16
Duration: 7¼ hours


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