Santa Special

Our annual Santa Special for schools takes place in early December where the aim is to provide an exciting event for up to 500 pupils from local disadvantaged schools.

Our marvellous volunteers get dressed up and join the children in the “hokey-cokey” and Christmas Carols. Santa then arrives by boat and the children visit him in his grotto. All the children take away a present, a balloon and a Xmas goody bag. A hectic, fun time is had by all.

On the weekend after the schools Santa Special there is a chance for families to come along and have a boat ride along the canal from Lidl at Mirfield to see Santa in his grotto and get light refreshments with a Xmas flavour in the cafe.
Our aim at the weekend is to make this an enjoyable, family friendly event.

In 2016 the public event proved exceptionally popular and we apologise to anyone who came on Sunday and couldn't see Santa.

In 2017 the Santa Special for the public will be held on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December. More detail later.